Health Information

Our Puppies' Health Guarantee:

All Puppies are sold with a 3 year conditional guarantee.

(Please see the conditions of the guarantee below)

Jackpot Vizslas and the buyer Agree: 

That at the time of the sale, this puppy is in good health.  This puppy has had a full examination by our Veterinarian, and is guaranteed to be in  good clean health. The buyer will have 5 days, in which to have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian. If the puppy is found to be ill by a licensed veterinarian, and is to be returned due to illness, a letter from the veterinarian is required.  This includes death or illness from any health condition deemed to be present prior to the leaving the seller’s premises. 

Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning the puppy to the seller. Jackpot Vizslas will, at the seller's discretion, refund the purchase price, return the dog to the buyer in healthy condition, OR exchange the dog for another dog of equal value. At no time and under no circumstances will Jackpot Vizslas be responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the buyer.

This animal is warranted against FATAL GENETIC Defects for 3 years from the date of birth of the puppy. Should this puppy be determined to be suffering from a fatal defect deemed to be hereditary (within 3 years from the date of purchase), Jackpot Vizslas will replace the puppy with one of the same value when one is available, after notification and written verification has been furnished to Jackpot Vizslas by TWO independent veterinarians. Jackpot Vizslas will not be responsible for any veterinary costs at any time.

We cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop any health problems, just as a pediatrician cannot guarantee that a child will never develop any health problems in the future. These puppies are animals, some things are just not able to be predicted. The parents of the litter have been OFA certified, and follow the standards of the breed. That means our puppies are less likely to develop problems. If anything does occur, you are required to inform us so we can evaluate the parents and the other puppies from that litter, in an attempt to determine the cause of the ailment and to eliminate the issue from our breeding program.  

Jackpot Vizslas does NOT GUARANTEE against COCCIDIA or GHIRDIA (typically dormant single celled parasites common in puppies), or for final adult weight, color, breeding ability, show potential.   

Jackpot Vizslas provide to all buyers, a history of the shot schedule, and vaccinations given to the point of receiving you puppy.  Again, it is expected that the buyer take their puppy to their local small animals veterinarian within 5 days of receiving it. Jackpot Vizslas suggests the buyer finish all puppy vaccines before taking their puppy out in public, letting their puppy on public sidewalks and grasses, or letting their puppy be touched by people outside of the family. This reduces the chance of your puppy picking up a communicable disease such as parvo.  

The Buyer Agrees: 

 That this puppy will be given adequate and proper shelter and housed securely indoors. This dog shall not be neglected, allowed to roam free, or be mistreated in any manner. The puppy shall receive proper veterinary care throughout its life, receiving annual inoculations and placed on a heartworm preventative. The puppy shall receive proper nutrition and care shall be taken to maintain its proper weight. Buyer agrees to give the dog proper training and socialization. 

No guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, are given by Jackpot Vizslas and Jeff and Julie Van Schepen, the Breeder, except those stated herein. Breeder warrants and agrees that they are the lawful owner of this puppy and are alone responsible for entering into this contract with the Buyer.

Jackpot Vizslas, Jeff and Julie Van Schepen, spend a lot of time with our puppies.  We value the families that do business with us. Our goal is to provide great puppies to great families.  In all circumstances, we will be open to discussion, and willing to find solutions that work well with both parties.  We believe we are Servant hearted, and just have an overall passion for providing great puppies to loving homes. Our guarantee is a protection, for the buyer and seller.  If for any reason, you have struggles, training, health, or concerns with temperament, please call. We desire to be a resource to help as we can.   

Jackpot Vizslas

Jeff and Julie Van Schepen