Our Story

Jeff with his Jackpot Vizslas named summit

Jeff and Summit

Julie with a new puppy

Jeff and I were married over 25 years ago,

at which time he had owned a couple of German short-hair dogs.

Shortly after we were married he was given the opportunity to hunt with a Vizsla.

He was sold!

So we adopted our first Vizsla “Jack” in 1996.

This is when “Jackpot Vizslas” began.

We started to raise vizsla puppies,

just a few litters at first,

then as we realized how much we loved this breed,

we continued to grow. 

I always joke that Jeff’s dream of a hobby of raising dogs became my full time job,

one that I am very thankful for.

I have been able to be home with our kids

and raising the puppies is something our kids have loved and learned many lessons from.

As we look back on these 20-plus years,

almost every memory includes one of our vizslas.

It is our hope that we will provide you with a vizsla that will become part of your family,

and will give you the same joy we have had with our vizsla’s.

Jeff and Julie